How To Install & Play Guns Girl Z

Ways to play

You can use an Android device, an Android emulator, or an iOS device.

Need an android emulator? MuMu Global is the best for playing the English patched version of Guns Girl Z!

After obtaining one of those, pick one of the four options that best suits you.

Table of Contents

Option A: English Patched Japanese apk

Are you too lazy to read? Watch this video guide instead!

This is the best option for playing GGZ in English since the global servers have shut down, but this has additional requirements.

You MUST have:

  1. Download the English patched apk:
    ENG for 10.5.52 (24.05.18)

    Download from MEGA Download from Pixeldrain

  2. Install and run

  3. Wait for extra data to download

  4. After extra data downloads, if the game shows an english pop-up then it worked.

  5. The game takes roughly 3-7 minutes to load the English patch (and will spend that time sitting on the mihoyo logo). Be patient, it has to load all the Japanese text first and then patch it with the English text.

  6. If you can see the title screen (or an update prompt with english text that’s going way off the box), you did it. Now you can play it in English! Make sure to link your account so you don’t lose your progress.

Option A.2: In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases are not possible with the English patched apk because the Google Play signature is invalid because the app has been modified. Therefore, you will need to install and download the original app. But since the english patched app and the original app share the same package name, it is not possible to install it on the same device normally.

There are three options:

VMOS is by far the easiest method, but it is made by a Chinese company that stole code from anbox. So it’s up to you if you want to trust it with your Google Play information.

If you’re paranoid, I recommend enabling 2-factor authentication on your Google account (You should really have this enabled anyways). Make sure you print out your 2-factor auth codes when it tells you to, you don’t want to be locked out of your Google account!

  1. Install VMOS Pro. Despite the name the Pro version still works without any payment, just some features we don’t need are locked.
  2. If you’re on Android 12, you’ll have to enable developer options to run the app because Google added some stupid restrictions… Go to the Settings app, scroll to the bottom, go to device info, tap build number 10 times, follow the rest of the VMOS instructions.

  3. Select Android 7.1 Lite (64-bit) system.

  4. Before launching, tap the “GMS” icon to enable Google Play Services on the virtual machine. You only need to do this once.

  5. Launch the virtual machine. Follow the “Option C” section but perform it within VMOS.

  6. If you haven’t linked your account yet, follow the “Linking your account” section.

  7. Log into your linked account in the Japanese GGZ using the “Switch Account” button

  8. Buy your stuff

  9. That’s it. Now switch back to the english apk. When you want to buy something again, use VMOS again.

Option B: Japanese app from QooApp

This section is if you do not have an ARM64 Android device, no android device, or just want to play in Japanese for some reason.

  1. Download GGZ using QooApp. It will make you install QooApp…

  2. Slide the other login methods right until you see “Guest”

  3. Press back button on your phone when it asks for the phone number

  4. Press back when the ad pops up

  5. Search Guns Girl Z and pick the Japanese result

  6. Install it

  7. Congratulations, you did it. Now link your account so you don’t lose your progress.

Option C: Japanese app from the Google Play Store

This method is very difficult, but it's the only way to have in-app purchases. Expect it to take an hour because you have to fight through a maze of shitty options, mess with your payment profile, or god forbid the option to add a PayPal account doesn't work.

Google changes their options every year, so you have to search up the latest and greatest method every time. As of 2022 this is a working one:

It is also possible to use a Google account without any payment methods attached, although very tedious.

To use an existing Google account:

  1. Use a VPN in the Japan region. This is VERY IMPORTANT, DON'T FORGET IT!
  2. Link a payment method. It will make your account a US one for some reason.
  3. On a desktop, go to, navigate to the settings tab, and you'll see a US payment profile.
  4. Click the edit button for Country/Region, it will tell you to make a new one.
  5. Select Japan (duh), enter in your name, use a Fake Address Generator for your info
  6. Now you should have two payment profiles. Select the US one and delete it.
  7. On your phone, wipe the app data for the Google Play store.
  8. Make sure your VPN is still enabled and set to Japan.
  9. Open the Google Play store, switch to the account you just linked. Check Settings -> General -> Account and device preferences. If everything went well it will show Japan as the region.
  10. Adding a PayPal within the Google Play app will show an error (probably because PayPal isn't supposed to be valid in Japan), so you need to add it on the website at Alternatively you may purchase Japanese Google Play gift cards or use a credit card that allows international transactions.
  11. Many credit/debit card companies charge a cheaper transaction rate than PayPal! It's worth looking into if you make many purchases.

Finally, search 崩壊学園 on the Google Play store or Click here, then click install.

You only have to use the VPN on for installing the app, updates and in-app purchases will function without it.

Option D: Japanese app on iOS

Luckily, iOS does not have IP-based region lock, just account based. This means you can download the app straight from the app store. However, there are some ceveats:

Since Apple likes to change how to make an account all the time and I don’t own an iOS device, you’ll just have to pick the most relevant result in a search engine. Here’s a hyperlink to make it easy for you: “create a Japanese app store account”.

Afterwards, simply search 崩壊学園 on the App Store or Click here.

Linking Your Account

Don’t be one of the many, many people that lose their account information because they uninstalled the app without linking! GGZ JP creates a guest account by default which isn’t tied to anything.

  1. Tap the snail icon in the top right

  2. Game settings

  3. Account settings

  4. Uhhh I dunno lmao

  5. Use the VMOS guide to check if you did it correctly

  6. Make sure you screenshotted your profile information with the UID in case you ever lose your account info so support can recover it (Good luck talking to them with MTL).

Who to complain to

My email is at the bottom of the interpreter. Or you can join the Foxgirl Discord.

How do I play the game?

For general game help such as what weapons to level up, what characters to roll for, and more, join the Foxgirl Discord!

Bonus Artwork

If you like playing GGZ on PC, here is some bonus artwork for game launchers.

To launch from Steam, right click the game in mumu and add a desktop shortcut. Then copy the shortcut contents to a steam shortcut.